IEP Experts Special Education Advocacy and Consulting

IEP Experts

  • Are you prepared for the IEP (Individualized Education Program) process and other areas of Special Education?
  • Are you aware of how much preparation time goes into a Special Education meeting on 
  • behalf of a school?
  • Has a case study recently been completed on your child? 
  • Does your child require a 504 plan?
  • Are you happy with your child’s current Special Education plan? Is the information clear and measurable?

Schools have many different experts preparing information on behalf of your child; should you as well

Understanding the IEP and Special Education process is very difficult even for trained professionals. With laws and regulations that change on a regular basis, it can be challenging. If you are a parent that does not have a full understanding of an IEP and/or the Special Education process, it becomes an even bigger challenge. Many parents are not aware that they have an equal role, so it is crucial tohave a strong understanding of how everything works.

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